Junjin Rock Drills

Larmee Equipment & Supply (LES) is the world leader in used and refurbished rock drilling machines for construction, quarry and mining. For the past 33-years we have offered refurbished machinery solutions at considerable savings when compared to buying new.

LES is pleased to promote a new partnership between Junjin CSM of Seoul, South Korea and Larmee Equipment & Supply in Louisville, KENTUCKY-USA to form Junjin America as an alternative solution to refurbished. The first product of the collaboration between Junjin CSM and LES is the Rock Commander line of drills

The primary reason why LES partnered with Junjin CSM was to fill the industry-wide need for this simple and easy to operate line of Rock Drills. Generally, Rock Drills being introduced to the market have become too advanced and complicated to be serviced by owner/ operators on a regular basis. The Rock Commander line of drills defies this trend. Along with the increased production, environmental advantages, and ease of operation, the Rock Commander drill will be offered at a very competitive price when compared to the existing manufacturers in North America.

For more information, visit http://junjin.us/